Positioning with long tail – why is it worth it?

Choosing the right key phrases is the basis of successful positioning. Problems usually occur when we are not quite sure which keywords we want to use. While conducting keyword research it is worth remembering about the long tail.

We are of course talking about long tail positioning, which will allow us to improve the position of the website for phrases used by our target customers. In this case the group of recipients may turn out to be much more valuable than in positioning of short phrases. Why? In this text we will try to answer the question. We will also present other advantages of this method SEO.

What is positioning with long tail?

If the term “long tail” does not mean anything to you, we are here to explain. It refers to long keyword phrases, consisting not of one or two words, but at least three (hence the expression long tail). Taking into account the field of SEO, such phrases are distinguished by a lower competitive value, but in many cases they may turn out to be the key to success.

Everything is due to the changing behavior of Internet users. The awareness of how the Google search engine works and what rules it follows is growing all the time. We are well aware of the fact that useful search results will not be obtained when we use one general phrase (e.g. balls), but when we make our query more precise, specifying, for example, what product we are looking for and what type it should be (e.g. footballs for juniors). More precise expression of their needs by Internet users can be used by using positioning on the long tail.

Advantages of the long tail method

First of all, we should mention that thanks to such positioning, we are able to show ourselves to the users who are looking for exactly what we want to offer them. If we sell footballs, we should care about high search positions for phrases indicating not only the balls, but also particular models, sizes, purpose or even material from which they are made.

All this can be achieved by long tail positioning, which focuses on long but precise phrases. Generated traffic will turn out to be very valuable, guaranteeing the right conversion rate. This is because the long tail phrases are typed by the decisive recipients, who are at the final stage of searching for a particular product or service.

The benefit connected with the possibility of reaching a specific group of recipients is also connected with the quick effect of long tail positioning. It is influenced by the previously mentioned lower competitiveness of the discussed phrases. What is equally important, this effect will be achieved at a lower cost. In the case of long phrases we do not have to worry about preparing a rich background and content as in the case of positioning phrases consisting of one or two keywords.

Another advantage of this strategy is much higher stability of the achieved position. The fluctuations in search results in the case of long tail are much smaller, so once won the position can be maintained for a long time. Of course, regular positioning activities are still required, but the risks are much smaller in this case.

What to pay attention to when positioning long tail phrases?

The above mentioned advantages of the long tail method make it really worthwhile. However, we must remember to meet several important criteria, which will guarantee us success in the form of increased number of visits to the site.

At the beginning you should, of course, think about the choice of long phrases. Let’s determine the products or services with which we want to reach future customers, and then formulate queries that will be used most often. In the selection of phrases special tools available on the web will often prove helpful, however everything is connected with the fact that we should prepare precise and niche phrases, i.e. those which are not competitive, which will allow us to jump to high positions faster.

Of course, all this also requires an analysis of the activities of competitive sites. It will be a good idea to use short phrases and then expand them, for example by indicating a model or a specific specification.

The most important thing seems to be following the behavior of our audience. We have to check what they are looking for, what interests them, what models or specific services arouse the greatest interest. All this will allow to prepare good, effective long tail phrases. We can also use special keyword planners or services of professional positioning companies ANGAB.

Long tail allows us to reach the customers we care about most at a relatively low cost. The strategy presented above will also guarantee a quick effect in the form of increased traffic and an appropriate conversion rate. All this makes long tail seem to be an excellent choice.

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