How To Get High Retention Views on YouTube

Did you know that your audience retention rate is more crucial than your view count? Your view count only tells you how many people are clicking on your videos, but not whether they are watching them and for how long.

Whereas by measuring your audience retention, you can determine exactly how much of your video a viewer watches before clicking away – which is very vital information. Videos boasting high retention rates – 50% and above – appear higher in YouTube’s search results than those which do not. Here are five tips to increase your videos’ retention rates and push you up the ranking ladder.

Compare your videos

Conduct an audience retention investigation to find out the video where you achieved maximum success. Reflect on what you did there and work to reproduce that technique. In other words, dissect that unique video and uncover what kept people watching for longer so that you can repeat this success in the future. Perhaps you spoke about your product in a certain way or structured the video slightly differently from others.

Get down to business.

Many studies have revealed that YouTube viewers have an incredibly short attention span. If these studies are right, you could have as much as six seconds or as little as just three to capture their attention and compel them to keep watching. An effective way to improve your audience retention is to start your video with an engaging, attention-grabbing statement. Don’t waste time talking about your granny or favorite hobbies; get right down to it straight away by telling them what’s in store.

Make it visually engaging.

Don’t underestimate the power of quality and dynamic visuals, regardless of the type of content you are creating. Viewers like to see the visual content changing, and videos that have various scenes are usually far more successful than those where it’s just a person talking to the camera. Take time to think about how you can insert cutaways, pop-up text, different footage, and other graphics to keep it interesting for your viewers.

Make it shorter

This tip is a no brainer but often underutilized. Think of it like this, if you make a one-minute video, how hard will it be to keep viewers watching to the end than a 20-minute marathon.
In terms of audience retention and your reputation, having a viewer finish a short video is much more beneficial to you than losing someone halfway through a longer one. The person that enjoyed your content to the end is more likely to watch another one of your videos and maybe eventually subscribe to your channel.

How To Get High Retention Views on YouTube

Keep them hooked

Ideally, you should start your video by telling viewers that you’ve got something amazing to share with them later on. This could be a tip, a tutorial, a new product reveal, or even something funny – whatever you choose, tell them they’re going to love it from the start and keep reminding them to watch till the end to get this gift. That way, you’ll be able to get viewers hooked and expectant. Thus ensuring they watch the video to the end.


While the tips are guaranteed to help you significantly increase your retention rates, to accelerate your climb up the YouTube search rank, you should consider buying views. Not just views but high retention views from a reputable and legitimate company that offers organic services like YouTubeView.Shop. These providers help many YouTubers improve the visibility and discoverability of their YouTube videos and thus boost their rankings.

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